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Rating: 2.67
Damn this MILFy almost made me quit. I was getting rejection after rejection. Almost hurt my feelings, but like most women you just need to know what buttons to push. She did a complete 180 after I told her my johnson was bigger than the average joe. Sh told me that her husband was out playing golf and that she had an empty room available. So I followed. Once there this honey was raunchy...spreading every which way and just constantly rubbing on her cooch. She thought I forgot about the rejections she gave but I had a surprise for her, actually I had two. One, I was tearing that pussy up like no 2morrow. Secondly, I jizzed right in her eye. Usually that happens accidently but thru out the years I have imporved my jizz accuracy. I finished just in time too...her husband came a knockin. Me naked and her with glazed face. Not your average predicament.

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